Their Time to Shine



Michael’s camera, which I have been using for a couple of weeks now, was taken from me today in school.  I spent a good hour with Michi, doing detective work, interrogating numerous kids about the culprit.  We got a name, but the kid apparently went home.  It was fun, bouncing from person to person, room to room, and frustration to relief.  I would’ve taken some pictures of us in action, but I needed the camera for that. I eventually got back the camera, with the help of another friend.  Ah, how fate plays with people’s lives, and how we play along.  Does that even make sense?

On another note, tonight was the graduation ceremony for the Class of 2009, the class, aside from my class, to which I felt the closest.  For some reason, I felt a sense of pride for the people I knew.  There was a certain joy in seeing them accept their diploma.  Their reign over the school is over, leaving the next class with their mess and letting the next class take the reins.  As I realized that I was in that class, I was suddenly reminded that my own graduation is a mere year and few days away.  Did that make sense?


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