Pack It Up. Pack Pack It Up



Going to Anaheim early Thursday morning for an FBLA competition.  I started to “pack” by dumping on my bed all the clothes I might wear.  In fact, they’re all still lying there. Procrastination to the max.


2 Responses to “Pack It Up. Pack Pack It Up”

  1. mrvangeldren Says:

    I am really digging that die. I think it should be skinny thought. Did you edit this picture? One of the shirts reminds me of a pillow case. Are you bringing a pillow with you? Don’t forget to bring me something back from California. Aeropastle is so middle school. Did your mom pick that one for you? xD i kid of course. But yea like I was saying nice picture.I really am digging that hidden yellow in the corner.

  2. Woah.
    My bed has clothes on it too. (It’s been that way for a couple of days now.)
    Jeremy, why are we so lazy?
    One day my procrastination will catch up to me.

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