Takenoko o undatte ka.



I just finished “Mushishi,” the animé that I decided to watch as I made my return into the world of Japanese animation.   For the most part, the scenes were pretty serious, while some wacky parts were inserted here and there, like the one depicted above.  It was an amazing animé, from the art to the music and to the stories in each episode.

Basically, “Mushishi” is about a man named Ginko, who is a mushishi himself, a person who can deal with lifeforms called “mushi,” which are the essences of life.  They’re very primitive, and only a number of special people can see them.  Throughout the series, Ginko encounters various mushi that cause other people problems.  At the same time, Ginko and the people around him are faced with questions that challenge their ethics and tackle their beliefs.

There’s my summary.  And I swear the picture’s not a screenshot from the computer.  Michael’s camera is just that amazing.


One Response to “Takenoko o undatte ka.”

  1. mrvangeldren Says:

    my new anime to start! lol xP

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