There’s Always Next Year



The whole trip to Anaheim was all due to my participation in a competition in FBLA, so wouldn’t it be unfair to not show a photograph focusing on FBLA?

Unfortunately, we were given literally the worst seats in the whole convention center where the awards ceremony was held.  As you can see, all the representatives from New Jersey were placed in seats right behind the stage, relying on a screen to see what’s going on.  Fortunately, I defied my tendencies by arriving extra early, and I was able to secure a seat that was tolerable.

Anyway, the screen sufficed.  When the announcement of winners in the competitions started, my heart started to race.  Well, it had been racing way before that.  The same conversation from Friday continued in my head as I prepared myself for disappointment.  It was quite a torture, since the awards given had to follow the competitions in alphabetical order, meaning the winners of Computer Applications, in which I competed, would be announced after all the categories starting with A, B, and some of C were done.

I discovered a few months ago, or probably longer, that I yawn when I’m nervous.  I yawn a lot.  Therefore, I yawned a lot.  Finally, when the names of the top ten of Computer Applications were randomly announced, I was ecstatic when my name was called.  The only suspense left was my placement, but there was a twist!  There were money prizes, in addition to the cool-looking trophy that was awarded for each of the top ten.  $100 to third place, $200 to second, and $750 to first.  Seven hundred fifty freaking dollars.

Cutting all the suspense, I got third place.  My first reaction was, “Sweet!  I got a money prize!”  Later on, I realized that I probably could’ve done better.  Had I given more value to the competition, I would’ve put much more effort into it.  I think that’s what happened.  I had potential, but I did not use it.


Of course, I can’t conclude this blog without summarizing the FBLA National Leadership Conference experience. Even if the previous post was very negative, I believe that the entire experience was very worthwhile.  I did make some cool friends from the far corners of America, and, considering that I’m not planning to be a businessman, I thought the entire conference was amazing.  Some of the workshops were interesting, and the awards ceremony, although long, was exciting.  Lastly.  Anaheim. ’nuff said.


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