Sieged by Smoke



I went to a free Matt and Kim concert in New York with four friends.  I wasn’t well acquainted with the band, knowing only two songs, but I went anyway just because it was free.  I became pretty excited, hoping to like the other songs the band would play.

All around me, experiencing a more intensified excitement, were crowds of people, many pushing to “find their friends” in the front.  That was fine with me; they could push all they want. What was I going to do?  Start a fight?  What irked me were the cancer sticks that many of these people brought.  (Apparently, some smoked weed, too.)  It just bothered me a lot.  They shamelessly expelled their fumes, some smoking at least three before Matt and Kim came out. We tried to avoid them, only to bump into more of them.  One time, we were literally surrounded—one to our left, one to our right, and an entire group behind us.

In my head, I’m thinking, “Maybe I shouldn’t blame them.  I guess it’s part of the culture or something.”  If I want to go to a concert like this, I should be prepared to encounter things that may make me uncomfortable.  Still, that doesn’t mean I should be grateful for it.

It truly was hell.  If only I could shut my nose…


One Response to “Sieged by Smoke”

  1. mrvangeldren Says:

    Your cursed via blog.

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