Show-and-Tell 2 (Meow Meow)



It’s that time again, isn’t it?

Yes, I’m aware.

Oh, please.  Stop acting like you’re having a terrible time. You know you’re excited to do this.

What are you talking about?

You said last night that you’ve been dying to do another Show-and-Tell episode.

Please, just do your job.

All right!  What we do have here today for our second Show-and-Tell?

As you can see, we have a variety of objects, all obtained during my trip today to New York City.

What made you want to put this for today’s post?

…Because I went to New York City today.

Seriously, you’re gonna have to be more cooperative.  OK, let’s see.  I’m sure that thing in the center has already caught everyone’s attention.  Am I right, or am I right?  *chuckle*  What is it?

Ah, that.  I love that thing.  We went to Chinatown today, and as some of you might know, Chinatown can be very, very interesting.  Well, today, we were just roaming around when I saw a group of people huddled around a small table, with two Chinese people, who—

And how do you know they were Chinese?

Well, I’m guessing, since we were in Chinatown. Besides, it sounded like they were speaking Chinese.  I think I can distinguish pretty well among the different Asian languages.


Anyway, I caught the guy making a dog out of clay.  The dog, along with a finished panda, looked very cool and intricately made, and I knew instantly that I wanted one of my own.  I then requested for him to make me a cat.  Take note of the black mouse next to the cat’s foot and the awesome bowtie.

Wow, it does look cute.  What about that really colorful card underneath the cat?

I believe it was a sushi place in Koreatown.


Well, yea.  We didn’t exactly go to it.  Someone in front of the place just handed us those cards while we were passing by.

I’m guessing you went to Kun—, Kunji—, Kunjip Restaurant, since you have the menu in the back.

No, we did not.

What the heck?  Where did you go?


That would explain the napkin, which I thought was pretty weird to have kept.  What exactly is Pinkberry?

It’s a frozen yogurt place.  I would’ve taken a picture of the yogurt, but I forgot to bring the battery to the camera I used.

But you brought the camera?  One could not get any dumber.

I know.

What did you buy there?

Passion fruit yogurt, with mangoes, almonds, and white chocolate shavings.  I wasn’t too fond of the passion fruit yogurt.

I wonder what that says about you.

There’s probably a Facebook quiz for that somewhere.

Haha.  You’re finally cooperating.  OK, what’s that “NY tab” in the background there?

Oh, that’s nothing.  Just a free little brochure that I grabbed from a hotel in Koreatown.  I used it as a background.

All right, then.  Lastly, why the heck would you save your ticket for the light rail?

Haha.  Funny story.  Some of my friends were planning on not buying tickets to the light rail because they never check them.

OK, first of all, I’m not laughing.  And second of all, that doesn’t explain why you have it.

I have it because while we were waiting for the light rail to come, two cops came down the stairs to wait for the train, and we started freaking out.  Conscience got the best of us, and we all decided to purchase our own tickets.

OK, that’s not funny.  You’re a terrible person, trying to break the law.

I don’t think it’s really our fault.  We wouldn’t be doing this if the conductor did his job. Besides, we bought tickets anyway.


I think that concludes this episode.

No, wait.  I see some sort of box on the right!

Nope, sorry, that’s the end.  Bye!


One Response to “Show-and-Tell 2 (Meow Meow)”

  1. mrvangeldren Says:

    wow cool kitty! now I want one. lol I should really save money for something…

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