What I like to do sometimes is to go to my Music folder, right-click the “Miscellaneous” folder, and click “Queue-It-Up.”  I would put Window Media Player on shuffle, and I would just listen to whatever song comes up, resisting the urge to click next when I didn’t know what the song was.  Yes, I did fail at resisting at times.

The “Miscellaneous” folder is where all the stray songs go.  Songs that my friends recommended, songs that were picked out of an album, the Christmas songs, and songs with lyrics I don’t understand.   Complete albums go in their own folders, but all the orphaned songs go in this huge folder.

So, that’s what happened today.  As soon as I got home from church, I put all the songs on shuffle and listened to it as I did my Biology AP summer assignment, talked to people online, marveled at the weird weather (tornado?), wrote letters, and rolled around my bed.

P.S. Has anyone ever watched the swirling (or pulsing, spinning, sparkling, flashing, showering, zooming, flailing) thing on Windows Media Player for a while (a few minutes) like the one in the picture?  Has anyone noticed that it beats to the song.  Now, I’ve observed this for a while now, and whenever there’s a distinct beat in the song, e.g. the drums, you can see a part of the animation beating at the same time.  For example, if you have spines that spin around the screen, they would probably disappear between beats, and would pop up when the audible beat plays again. It’s hard to explain.  Also, if you have the time to observe it for a while, you can actually see it dancing to the rhythm, the beat, the vocals, and the overall feel of the song.  You should try it!

Or maybe, I’m just crazy.


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