I just want to start by saying that I love potatoes. Now that we have that established, on with today’s post!

So, my parents have been leaving me and my sisters fail lunch meals for the past week.  I don’t know if they’re running out of ideas of what to feed us or they just don’t want to put the effort into it, but I got sick of the fail food.  I took matters into my own hands!

It was raining pretty violently today, so there was really no choice but to stay inside.  I initially told myself that I would do my summer homework, but hunger got the best of me.  I found this recipe via StumbleUpon a few days ago, and all I needed to see were the word “fries” and the picture of potato goodness.  I knew I had to make it one day!

I set out to my kitchen early afternoon and eagerly prepared everything.  Everything went smoothly.  No cuts from the knives, and my hands don’t smell like food.  Except, at one point, smoke started coming out of the oven.  Other than that, it was really nice.   Most importantly, the food was edible.  Delicious, too.  A tad bit salty, but that’s because I didn’t pay too much attention to the amount of each ingredient.  That’s all right.

And my parents actually cook very well, but these days, it’s D for effort.


2 Responses to “Potatophile”

  1. Kelly Denise Says:

    Goodness, you cooked!

  2. […] been wanting to cook again one of these days.  After my delicious potatoes, I’ve had confidence about my culinary skills.  Who knew it’d be spent on making some […]

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