If Three’s a Crowd…



Contrary to my appreciation of and sometimes preference for solitude, I was surrounded by so many people today.  It wasn’t like I tried to fight my inclination and forced myself to mingle with people; most of them just came randomly.

  • I initially wanted to play tennis with Olga.
  • I was convinced by Michael and Olga to hang out with them with Rey, Greg, and Stefanellie.  They came over my house, and that then became my plan for the day.
  • Later, Kristine and Michi came in a car, begging for me to get out.  They told me to come inside the car, and I half expected them to kidnap me.  They did.
  • Inae joined Kristine, Michi, and me.
  • Thankfully, after pleading many times, they took me home back to the original group.
  • Marison, Ana, and Bryan come in after taking my two sisters home from tennis practice.  The five of them squeeze into my room.
  • Giselle calls me and says she’s randomly stopping by.  I let her in.
  • Then, Maria calls me, asking if I were interested in going somewhere with her, Lawrence, and a few other friends.  I declined, due to the party at home.
  • That became the final group, and, all squeezed into my room, we made the best out of what was available.  That was crazy.

My bed collapsed.


2 Responses to “If Three’s a Crowd…”

  1. mrvangeldren Says:

    best day ever! xD there should be a thing where people have to watch the house if they go to your house.

  2. Kelly Denise Says:

    Jesus, what a busy day XD

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