“Chirp, Chirp. I’m a Murderer.”



The summer assignment that everyone has to do is a book report, but our district decided to become creative by letting us choose from a list of about twenty what we would like to do to present what we read.  One of them was to create a CD that contains songs that exemplify the conflict in the novel.  My friend wanted me to create her CD cover, and this is what ultimately came out.  There’s also a back section, but it’s not as interesting as the front.

The CD on the right is a similar project given to us by our English teacher in our junior year.  That was my own CD and the cover that I made for it.

Hm.  A Show-and-Tell post would’ve been appropriate for this.


2 Responses to ““Chirp, Chirp. I’m a Murderer.””

  1. i like it…

  2. […] until a few days ago that I really started to work on something.  Today, I began on my book “report.” I decided to create a front and back cover for the book I read, which I began to do on Photoshop.  […]

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