Pretty Random



Some interesting things happened today, but I did not get an opportunity to take pictures, so I had to scour my brain for an idea for a photograph before the day was over.

With an hour to spare, I sat in front of the computer to brainstorm.  Here are some of the ideas that came into my head, all of which I did try:

  • What I would see if I were a stalker, depicting the view through my Venetian blind.
  • Several self-portraits, including a front picture, a profile, and various close-ups of my face.   These made me feel weird.
  • A view of the inside of my mouth.  I tried to catch my uvula, but I failed.  This didn’t feel as weird as the previous one.
  • A view of my incredibly messy room, which is due for a clean-up very soon.
  • A view through my bangs, trying to make people see how I see my world.  They’ve never been this long before.

The winner is:

  • The view of a vampire, before he/she bites me.  Or of a killer before he/she stabs me.

One Response to “Pretty Random”

  1. mrvangeldren Says:

    darn..i made my post pretty vague about the beginning because i thought you would write about it. T.T

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