Fails at Boxing



Went to a family party today.  Although it is always filled with gossiping adults and rambunctious children under the age of 13, I always look forward to going to them.  Any gathering where I can see family is worth my time because I seldom do get to see them.

Here’s my cousin playing Wii Sports, training on boxing after losing to my other cousin who annihilated her.  I decided to fiddle with the shutter speed with this one.  This picture had an exposure of one second.  I just have one question.  How do you keep the lighting at a certain level when you increase the exposure time?  For example, when I set the exposure time to about 5 seconds, the picture becomes overexposed, which is understandable since you are letting more light in.  Still, I’ve seen a picture online under different exposure times (to illustrate the concept of shutter speed), and the lighting seemed consistent.

And yes, I do fail at Wii boxing.


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