The Hunt for the Perseids



I’ve known about the Perseids since last year (or maybe two years ago).  I put “See the annual meteor shower” in my summer list in the end of June, and, after failing to see it last year, I was intent on at least getting a glimpse of it this year.

I’ve also wanted to sit on my roof for a while now.  The roof outside my window has always been pretty steep, bashing all my dreams to ever sit on it and look at the barely visible stars.  When I discovered that the roof directly above my room was flat, I knew I had to do it.  I had to sit one night on my roof and just feel the summer air.

The Perseids’ peak was today.  Midnight to early dawn, to be precise.  I had been trying to sleep early recently, so at around 2 a.m., I became pretty sleepy.  “I can’t miss this opportunity,” I thought to myself.  Looking out, the moon was shrouded by the clouds.  Although a little discouraged, I went to the bathroom and flushed my face with water.  That woke me up.  At around 3 a.m., I grabbed a pair of binoculars, a camera, and my iPod and stepped out through my window.  Holding on to the outside of my room, I climbed up the steep roof and stepped onto the roof of my room.

I stayed there for about an hour.  I watched the clouds slowly depart as the cool night breeze pushed them away, despite the dreary forecast.  It was as if the wind knew how much I wanted to see the meteors and decided to kick the clouds away for a while.  Still, as I sat there gazing up, rekindling my interest with astronomy, all I saw were the moon and some faint stars.  Either it was still too early or the lights around me were too bright.  Especially from New York.  Despite this, I told myself to be patient.  “You’ve been waiting for this.  Don’t leave yet.”

Suddenly, as I randomly turned my head to look behind me, I caught a glimpse of a meteor.  “A flash that whizzed by,” as my friend described it.  Although the returning clouds obscured it, I was pretty sure it was a meteor.  I was so happy to see it.  “It’s just a meteor,” you might say.  It wasn’t just a meteor to me.  It made me remember the excitement I used to feel when I was really interested in astronomy.  The excitement that made me want to buy a telescope, hoping to see the celestial bodies at which I marveled on TV.

With that sight in my head, I became more eager to stay and await the arrival of many more meteors. When it neared 4 a.m., more clouds returned.  Satisfied with that one sight, I gathered all my things and headed back to my room.  Maybe I’ll see some more when I go camping next week.


3 Responses to “The Hunt for the Perseids”

  1. Kelly Denise Says:

    This picture is great, and the story completes it.
    Good job on today’s post.

  2. I agree with Kelly. Amazing picture.
    Please do more posts like this. These glimpses into your thoughts are splendid.

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