No Pocky in an Asian Store



My friend from Florida who came over several weeks ago visited me again today.  He’s going to return home on Saturday, and we wanted to see each other before he leaves to go back to his life.

Today’s agenda included going to my town’s Asian grocery store.  I haven’t been there in a while, so it was a nice time to restock my house with some Asian treats.  The one thing my friend and I wanted to buy was furikake, which is a Japanese seasoning for rice.  It comes in different flavors.  Look it up.  My half-Japanese friend taught me to put some butter on a bowl of rice, pour some soy sauce on it, and sprinkle the furikake.  Then, dig in.  I really like it, especially when there’s no food at home.

My sisters also wanted me to buy some mochi ice cream or something, but I told them that they cost too much.  I asked them what else they wanted, and, not surprisingly, they requested me to buy some Pocky.  However, what was surprising was that there was no Pocky in the entire store.  The only box of Pocky available was the Men’s Pocky that was bitter chocolate, but who eats that?  We then walked around for a little bit, and that was when we found a stray almond crush Pocky among some cans.  In my head, a film noir scene was playing:

The Yan Yans and the Hello Pandas have always disliked Pocky’s popularity.  Whenever a snotty little kid entered the store, they always hoped that it would come to grab them.  Much to their dismay, the brat would always choose the filthy Pocky.  That filthy Pocky.

“What a dreadful name,” the Yan Yans whispered.

“What plain packaging,” the Hello Pandas murmured, yet all the nasty kids did not think twice when they pulled the Pocky out of the shelf.

“We taste just as well as, if not better than, the Pocky’s,” both haters cried in unison.  Discovering they shared the same abhorrence for the Pocky’s, they colluded to annihilate the Pocky once and for all.

A few days later…

“Please, have…have mercy on me!” the almond crush Pocky shrieked.  “Kill the Men’s Pocky instead!”

The leader of the Hello Panda mob chuckled.  “No one eats them, so nobody cares.”  He was preparing to stomp on the Pocky’s nutrition facts side when the leader of the Yan Yan gang stopped him.

“That’s enough,” she said.  “Leave this menace alone.  Let him be a warning to all future Pocky’s.  This is now our territory.”  Laughing maniacally, she signaled her gang to depart.

“You’re lucky,” the Hello Panda mob leader muttered.  He spat at the forsaken soul and joined in his colleague’s merriment.  With that, the poor almond crush Pocky was left among the dirty cans of the alley, far away from the place he once called home.

And that’s why the shelf was full of Yan Yan and Hello Panda.  And two boxes of Men’s Pocky.


2 Responses to “No Pocky in an Asian Store”

  1. Kelly Denise Says:

    We have an Asian grocery store?

  2. East West Market, silly.

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