Had a S”pig”tacular Day!



What I thought to be a simple trip to New York to get a haircut turned to be more eventful.

My recent trips to New York had been focused on downtown Manhattan, mostly Chinatown.  This trip with my friend Tram was no different, except it didn’t take up the entire day. I got a haircut in the morning, and Tram and I proceeded to eat lunch at a place called Teariffic.  Very cheap.

We left at noon and went to Williamsburg in Brooklyn, apparently hipster central.  I really wasn’t familiar to the world of hipsters, and whenever I heard the word, it sounded derogatory, like wangster or something.  Our main purpose for going to Brooklyn was to visit a few thrift stores.  The place at which the picture was taken was called the Buffalo Exchange.  It mostly had old furniture and other secondhand trinkets, but the store amazed me more than the clothing thrift stores.  I really liked the atmosphere of it.

We walked around some more around Brooklyn, which is such a contrast to Manhattan.  When we got out of the subway the first time, I was surprised by how calm it was.  I expected some degree of bustling, but the sidewalks were practically empty.  Well, at least, that part of Brooklyn was quiet. I don’t know about the other parts.  That was the first time I stepped foot on the place.

Then, we returned to Chinatown, where we got some dinner.  We shared a Vietnamese sandwich and a black sesame ice cream.

Then, on the way home, I was falling asleep in the train.  Apparently, I was swaying back and forth, and the woman to my right might have been irritated when I bumped to her a second time.  She said, “Stop!” in a really exasperated voice.  I was a little embarrassed.

In addition to Teariffic, Tram and I had a few more shares of puns, including “Tee Party,” which we found on a poster on a train.  It was talking about shirts.  The big one of the day was “spigtacular,” which I thought of when we were thinking of a message to write with a plastic toy pig with chocolate inside.  We wanted to leave the pig somewhere in Brooklyn, and we decided to leave the message, “Have a sPIGtacular day!”  We were honestly hoping that it would brighten up someone’s day.

More pictures here.


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