“I Keep Letting You Back In”



The title really has no significance, except that is sung by the great Lauryn Hill in “Ex-Factor.”  That’s one of the highlights of my insignificant day—listening to a few of her songs.  And singing along from time to time.  I’ve been listening to her since last year, but I started to appreciate her again today. I need to get The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill soon.  There has to be some more hot tracks in there.

Earlier today, I also got a pair of Reese’s earphones from Michael.  When it comes to earphones maintenance, I fail.  I really haven’t had nice working ones after I broke my first ones several months ago.  I broke many of the subsequent ones that I found after scouring the house.  They weren’t good earphones anyway, so I blamed their deaths on their own terrible qualities.  Now that I have brand new ones (as far as I know at least), I promise to take good care of them.

And, honestly, I was trying to hold myself back from speaking a little ghetto in the first paragraph.  Hip hop culture is pretty infectious.

P.S.  Did I ever mention that my bed was fixed?  It was actually two Saturdays ago.  Yes, just keeping you guys updated.  Haha.


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