Just Like Any Other Day



Until recently, I’ve always disliked my blue walls.  Compared to white walls, the blue walls were too dark and had a gloomy effect on me.

I wasn’t too fond of yellow light either.  I had been accustomed to white light for the longest time when suddenly, all these new lightbulbs started appearing.  Yellow? Why? It wasn’t as bright as white light.  Isn’t that what lamps and light in general are for?  To brighten a room?

Despite my scorn for these two, they managed to work together very well today.  It was one of those days when you stayed home all day.  Sure, I have those a lot, but what made today different was that I stayed away from the computer.  I’ve always thought my life revolved around the computer, but for once I was able to break free from its clutches.  (For the most part)

I wasn’t too far away though.  I was a mere two feet away, lying on my bed.  Reading, sleeping, just tossing and turning.

I wanted to do something else though.  While brainstorming for ideas, I looked back to last year when I would ask Tram what she did at home, a question that many of us shared.  We didn’t see her online much, so I thought, “What else is there to do?”  One of her answers was, “I lie down on my bed and listen to music.”

How can you possibly do just that?  I couldn’t picture myself doing it.  Just lying down.  Today, however, I gave it a try.  Hooking up my iPod to these pillow speakers, I lay down on my bed and put my iPod on shuffle.  Looking up at the ceiling, it felt nice.  I had the freedom to skip a song, to sing a song, and flail around my bed.  I also felt this freedom from the summer work that I’ve been dreading.  For once, I didn’t feel burdened by it.

I was alone in my room, accompanied only by the blue walls and the yellow lamp light.  Together, they created this relaxing atmosphere.  Together, they turned my room into a sanctuary.

“Saturdays don’t matter much in the summer.  There’s no pressure to get out of the house because you can do that any other day.”


2 Responses to “Just Like Any Other Day”

  1. Wow, I’m surprised you remembered me saying that. Laying on your bed, listening to music, is bliss, isn’t it?

  2. Yes, and like I always say, I always remember things that matter.

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