By No Means an Epicure



I’ve been wanting to cook again one of these days.  After my delicious potatoes, I’ve had confidence with my culinary skills.  Who knew it’d be spent on making some crude quesadillas?

It was done on a whim.  I was looking through our empty refrigerator and found some fajita wraps.  (It wasn’t empty then, eh?)  I showed it to my friend who instantly wanted to make some quesadillas.  We looked around the kitchen for ingredients.  In the end, what ended up on the wrap were:

cheddar cheese
red bell pepper
imitation bacon bits

As usual, we paid no heed to the amount of each ingredient we put on the wrap.   It was on a “I think that’s good enough” basis.

It ended up tasting weird.  It wasn’t very tasty.  That’s all right though.

Afterwards, we went to eat at Red Robin’s for a friend’s farewell gathering.  He’s going to college now.  The initial plan was to go to Hooters, but you know, restaurants aren’t too friendly with crowds of ten people.


2 Responses to “By No Means an Epicure”

  1. mrvangeldren Says:

    i am glad we made those quesdillas. 😀

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