Evolves from Oddish



Maybe it’s just one of those weeks.  You feel like that one thing is big enough to cause everything else to topple down.  For me, it takes a long bike ride to help put everything back together.  It doesn’t mean, however, that everything is fine again.

Anyway, the weather showed signs of coming rain, so the parks weren’t very crowded.  I saw some odd things while biking, including the picture above.  I don’t understand why the ball doesn’t just float downstream.  For some reason, it’s just stuck there.

At a few points around the park, a small stream converges with the river.  Now, when I passed by one of these, I noticed that the tributary had a very odd color.  It was brown.  Not even brownish, just brown.  Completely homogenously brown.  Doesn’t anyone get what I’m saying?  It was brown!

Of course, I was wondering to myself, “What the heck?”  There was no distinct odor, so you know.  It was just brown, feeding the river with its brownness. Why?!


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