Seafood or Seafreak?



I went today with my dad to a buffet called Minado that served Japanese food.  I used to be always excited to eat there, but today, I felt like it lost some of its magic.  Probably because I’ve been eating Japanese food more often.  Before, Japanese food was more of an occasional treat, mostly due to the cost.  (Cooking Filipino food at home was more economical to my parents.)  Now, my friends and I eat Japanese food from time to time, instead of once in several months.

Anyway, I used to always avoid the salad area of the buffet because I thought it just contained bunches of green leaves made differently.  Today, I tried the dishes there, which I found out contained more than just green leaves.  In fact, they had some odd ingredients.  I remember one had lotus roots (the black things in the picture I believe). Others were conglomerations of…other stuff. I can’t remember.

Then, I saw the octopus tentacles.  I don’t know why I’m so interested in eating octopi.  I think it all began because I saw some people eating squirming octopus tentacles in the show “The Amazing Race” when they went to Japan.  The tentacles would continue squirming while they were trying to bite them in their mouths.  It’s one thing that I’ve always wanted to taste (and feel).  I don’t expect finding squirming octopus tentacles on my plate any time soon, so I’m going to have to go with cooked ones.


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