Remember “The Off-Beats”?



It was a series of animated shorts in the show Kablam! that aired in Nickelodeon many years ago.  There was a dog named September there.

Speaking of September, it’s here.  Some are happy; some are devastated.  I’m in between them, leaning towards devastated.  The beginning of September is just another signal to my face that school’s almost here.   (As if doing my summer work pretty much every day since last week isn’t a signal enough.)

Nothing really significant happened today.  I’d hate to take pictures of my summer homework or tennis every day, so I present to you a terrible picture of Photoshop loading.  I downloaded the free trial last week, and it wasn’t until a few days ago that I really started to work on something.  Today, I began on my book “report.” I decided to create a front and back cover for the book I read, which I began to do in Photoshop.  My Photoshop session was productive, not to mention fun.  I’m beginning to get the hang of it, if you disregard the bouts of frustration I occasionally have.  Hopefully, I can finish the covers by Thursday.

The new header is courtesy of Tram. And me!  I took the picture and did some beginner stuff with it in Photoshop (first thing I did independently).  Then, I ran the finished product by Tram.  She did some Tram things to it, and my header became awesome.  What you see is the product of our efforts.  (Mostly hers) Thanks, Tram!


One Response to “Remember “The Off-Beats”?”

  1. Can’t wait to see the cover!

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