Last Time



I was just sitting at the courts, absentmindedly looking around, when I suddenly heard someone yell at me, “I want to go to New York.”  I look at the group of guys talking beside me, realizing it was Russel, a fellow tennis player, who excitedly told me about his plan.  I thought, “Why not?”

“Tuesday?  After school?” I suggested.  I’ve done it before with some friends; we can do it again.  But we really weren’t left with much time if we went to New York right after school, so suggestions kept coming of when we should do it.

“Let’s do it tomorrow,” someone finally suggested.  For some reason, we all just agreed.

That all happened yesterday.

Today, John, Lawrence, Orion, Russel, Stephen, and I went to New York City early afternoon, perhaps the last time I would go to New York with friends this summer.  Chinatown was the destination, once again.  The possibilities there just seemed endless.  The first priority was for Stephen to get his haircut, and afterwards, we just wandered around the entire town.

At one point, everyone, including me, had a particular interest with the “I ♥ NY” shirts.  Many of the stores had them, so a couple of us had a great time trying to find the best deals, going from store to store, haggling with the shopowners.  They called it haggling; to me, it was borderline harassment.

“How much for three of these shirts?” we would find either Russel or Orion asking.

“Three for $12,” a shopowner would say.

“$12?  What?  Over at that store, it’s only three for $10!” Orion retorted.  At this point, we were all thinking, “Orion!  Calm down,” snickering at the same time.

“Well,” the shopowner replied confidently, “then, you go over there!  This is nice.  Their shirts are bad.  It’s good here.”

“Ah, fine, we’ll just go somewhere else,” one of us would say, half hoping that the owner would call us back to continue with the haggling.  Orion would then whisper, “What a waste of time!”  That’s when we all left.

After that, we just kept wandering around.  I desperately wanted a coin bank, so they all accompanied me around many of the stores to find a cute one. I think I’m going to start collecting coin banks now.  Maybe when people ask me if I want anything from somewhere, I’ll just say, “A coin bank, please.”

For dinner, we went to Platters, a sidewalk food stall (what are they called?),  apparently a well-known thing among some of my friends.  It only opened at night and served some good food.  A choice of lamb or chicken, rice, some vegetables, and whatever sauce you want on it (hot sauce and/or “white” sauce).  We chomped on it on the way home.

It was a pretty eventful day, even if we were just wandering around.  One would think that I would’ve taken a good picture during that time.  Too bad I was pretty caught up with everything that taking a picture for the blog didn’t occur in my mind until we were on our way home.  So, here’s mushroom bank.


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