What a Fool



The only picture I took  today.  I took it accidentally, intending to make a video of the scene.

This is my friend, who was supposed to be the host for this travel show that I wanted to do of our town.  I asked several friends to help me out.  The shooting for it was scheduled for today, and I was really excited to do it because it was a project that I’ve wanted to do for a long time.

Videomaking.  It’s an art, a way to express one’s creativity.  That’s why I really enjoy it when a project pops into my head because I know it’s a good way for me to release some artistic tension, especially when I know that the pencil and paper approach isn’t working.

I don’t want to give a detailed synopsis of the day.  All I want to say is that optimism has its downsides.  The more optimistic you are, the bigger the disappointment you will feel when nothing goes your way.  If you expect the best, the chance of something worse happening is higher.

On the other hand, being pessimistic is different.  Expect the worst, and whatever happens can’t possibly be worse than what you already imagined.  If you expect the worst possible thing that can happen, then of course there’s a high chance that whatever happens is going to be better.  And that’s probably why I tend to think like that.  It’s a good feeling when things turn out better than expected, compared to feeling down about things not going your way.

And I’m a fool for deviating from that philosophy.

Still, thanks to everyone who tried to help me realize this.


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