Picnic = A Lot of Food



Last minute picnic!  School starts this coming Tuesday, so many of my friends wanted to gather and have this final picnic before summer vacation ends.  As if we had so many picnics.

There were many more people who attended, but at this point in the picture, only a few came up with me to a huge tree, which we always fancy climbing.  I dare you all to create a story about what’s going on in this picture.

And, yep.  Picnics have a lot of food.  After I told myself that I wasn’t going to eat a lot, I ended up eating a lot.   Maybe people generally can’t avoid eating food when attending picnics.  It didn’t get better when I went home.  I proceeded to the consumption of rice and ice cream.  Not good.  Not only did I feel bloated, I felt dizzy and about to puke.

So what happened at the picnic?  Eating. Drinking. Sitting. Talking. “Should I do Biology homework?” contemplating. Swinging. Fail lava tagging. Running. Volleyballing. Driving. Pool playing. Piano listening. Future reading. Tree climbing.

And, unlike many of our other picnics, there was no hill rolling.


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