A Good Sign?



I have finished both the PowerPoint presentation and the report!  I did the former in the morning and finished the latter about fifteen minutes ago. (Time now – 12:25 am)  I’m so happy that I was able to finish them because it would usually take me until about 2:00 to finish a report or an essay by itself.  (That is, if I decided to do it the day before the due date)  So, perhaps this “success” is a sign of good things to come.  What I might’ve learned with this experience:

  • that procrastination is bad
  • that focusing can get you anywhere
  • that school work should take precedence over fun time

Let’s see if these lessons stay with me.  (Doubt it)

So, the last day of summer vacation.  Although I did occupy myself for most of the day with the PowerPoint presentation (took a long time because it had to be in Italian, hence the dictionary in the picture) and the report, I was able to get away from my house and slightly enjoy the last day of vacation.  My friend had an impromptu pool gathering that I went to, despite the very cool weather.  The water was cold, but I went in for the sake of being in a pool.  A few other friends came, most of whom didn’t go in.  This must have been the first time I was able to go out on the last day of vacation instead of catching up on summer work the entire day.   Maybe I am learning.

So, it is official.  Summer vacation is over, and my time will once again be dedicated to my senior year in school.  I’m pretty glad to be coming back.

I really should end this post with a reflection of my entire summer vacation.  Perhaps a short ponderous paragraph or statement that succinctly describes the amazing time I’ve had.  Perhaps I should.

But I won’t.

Instead, I just want to express my gratitude to all my friends who have made this summer extraordinary.  Sure, I can look back at all the posts of this blog from late June to early September and count how many fun activities I’ve done, but that number wouldn’t mean anything if my friends weren’t involved.  And I think really cool friends were what had been lacking in the past summers, during which I stayed home most of the time.   Sure, I’ve known the people I’ve hanged out with this summer before, but it wasn’t until these past two months that I was able to realize how cool life is with them.

Like millions of other kids say, “This has been the best summer ever!”


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