I’ve been waiting all September to type “090909.”

Second day of school.  Still not bad.  Still liking it.

Clubs are already starting.  Today, there was a meeting for Stage Tech, the people who take care of the lights, sounds, and all that tech stuff for school events.  There was also a meeting yesterday that I missed.  I tried looking for it, but I couldn’t find it, even after asking a few people who were in it.  Figuring it was canceled, I left.

Last night, I saw pictures on Facebook from the club meeting, and I was like:


Then, I discovered that the election for officers was held at the meeting, so I was like:


Devastated that I missed a chance to get elected, I kept reading the conversation people were having under the picture.  I discovered that I was elected president, despite my absence, so I was like:


And then:


And then:


Hey, I’ve been in that club for a while, and I’ve done a lot of things, so I deserve that, even if I were absent.  I was so shocked that I was elected that I got so hyper.  “People care about me!”

Anyway, today, on the second meeting of the Stage Tech, we had to rearrange the closet with all the equipment and take inventory of what we have. It was some pretty hard work because we had to carry heavy speakers in to and out of the closet, and we had to measure long wires and cables, among other things.  In the end, I’m glad that I got the position; I like the responsibility.

Other than that, 090909 wasn’t anything special


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