“You’re So Late”



I finally got a planner!  I’ve been feeling so lost these past several days of school.  So much homework have been given out already, and so many club meetings have already been announced.  Too stubborn to use anything else to be organized, I basically told myself, “It’s a planner or nothing at all!”

You would think that buying a planner from the nearest Staples would solve the problem, but no.  After the planner I used last year helped me out so much, I couldn’t settle for anything less, and every planner we found in stores was inferior!  My parents scoured many stores around their office in New York to find the same exact planner, but they couldn’t find it.  They would come home with similar-looking planners, hoping to appease my finicky self, but none of their offerings was up to my standards.  I would then ask them to return the planners and keep looking.  Yes, it was a very spoiled attitude, but I usually let something go if it’s too much trouble.

This, however, was big.  I almost succumbed to the desperation of simply having a planner by accepting whatever my parents brought home, but I told myself, “No. Stand by this until you get what you want!  Don’t regret getting a terrible planner!”  Thus, after many failed searches, my mom finally decided to order it directly from the company, and that is how I finally got it.  Thank you! And…Sorry.

Now my planner doesn’t serve merely as an organizer; it’s also “doodle haven.”  I’m going to redo a project that I tried to complete last year.  In each box in my planner that corresponds to a school day, I have to draw something that illustrates something written on that day.  For example, if I wrote “Return books to the library” on one day, I’m going to have to draw a small illustration of that in the box in which I wrote it.  I’ll post a picture one day.

So, for every school day, I need to have a drawing.  I failed last year because I couldn’t keep up with it anymore.  I had the time to draw only up to around April.  This year, I have to finish it!

It’s going to be a busy year.


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