Good Type of Laziness



School just started last week, and many things are already in full gear.  A couple of my teachers have already given out tests, and one club is already trying to get a lot of work accomplished.  They all demand so much of my time.  Put laziness and the desire to have some free time on top of that, and you’d be left with no time in your hands.  And maybe you’ll get a couple of hours knocked off your sleeping schedule, just so you can complete everything.

Today, however, life was compassionate.  I didn’t have much homework, and I was able to go home early.  I felt pretty tired since I was working on an essay well past midnight and wasn’t able to get enough sleep.  After I ate as soon as I got home, I went up to my room, free from the burden of homework that has been pulling me down for the past few days.  I didn’t go straight to my desk and stare at a book, contemplating if I should do the homework now or later.  Instead, I flopped onto my bed, with my uniform still on, and quickly fell asleep.

It felt so rewarding, but after I woke up, my body still sought to sleep some more.  I was yawning probably every thirty seconds, but I couldn’t go back to my bed because, back in the real world, I had some homework waiting.

I really like that feeling though.  That carefree feeling after everything in your to-do list was accomplished.  That feeling that makes you want to lean back and just let things happen around you.  That’s the good type of laziness.


2 Responses to “Good Type of Laziness”

  1. Kelly Denise Says:

    It’s so cute XD

  2. 😀 I wish I had a stuffed pokemon. Like taxidermy. YAY!

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