As Alex Russo Would Say…



“Look.  We could talk about who ruined the dress…or we could live in the moment.  Now I choose to live in the moment and move on.”

I agree, Alex.

Today was one of those days when I was just too engrossed in whatever I was doing to care about taking a picture.  I’ve done it a few times before, and I would sometimes regret not having taken a picture of whatever occurred, but, looking back, I realized that stopping what I was doing to run and fetch my camera would just ruin the momentum of the moment.

I would rather live the moment than take a picture to preserve it.  Many times, I miss whatever’s happening because I have my eyes glued on the LCD screen, seeing whatever’s going on through an artificial lens.  That’s pretty sad, considering that whatever memory you preserve in some visual representation might not evoke any feelings, since you were probably too preoccupied with snapping photos rather than living the moment.  Sometimes, a mental picture is enough.

Then again, most of the time, you would probably see me snapping pictures anyway, but I’ve learned when to give myself the time to focus on what’s going on through my own eyes, not the camera’s.

Still, don’t think that I passed up the opportunity to take a picture of some wonderful event today because nothing significant happened.  I just slept and enjoyed tennis for the most part, but don’t forget what I said!  I’ve had personal experiences.

This is a rose my friend gave me.


2 Responses to “As Alex Russo Would Say…”

  1. mrvangeldren Says:

    A quote from wizards of waverly! LOL..I never thought that something like that would come from that kind of show. xD

  2. […] As Alex Russo Would Say… […]

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