At the Brink



The demands of my life right now are overwhelming.  It feels like everywhere I turn, I am faced with a new concern.  I’m not entirely sure if this accumulation of worries is because of my own negligence in taking care of them or because many things really are coming my way.

Either way, I feel burdened, almost ready to collapse.  It was a dumb idea to deviate from my plans today to complete some more school work by hanging out with some friends.  It was the first time my dad decided to not use the car to go to work, leaving it to me for the entire day.  Some of my friends wanted to go out of town since we did have a car today, so I complied with their wish.  I should’ve just stayed home though.  I could’ve caught up with some work or at least on some sleep.

Now as I write this, I think about how this isn’t even the hardest part.  I’m still in high school, and college is going to be even more demanding.  If I want to be at least at the brink of survival, I need to change my work ethic.

School.  Home.  Montclair.  Subway.  Home.  Homework.  School Club Affairs.  College Work.  Social Concerns.


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