Festival Season



Second food post in a row. I love food.

The weather last night was perfect for a festival.  The air was very cool, prompting us to carry a light jacket or sweater.  All the fun lights that mark festivals were there, along with all the excited kids and adults who participated in the carnival games, feasted on the food, or danced to the music.

It was a nice scene, but what really did it for me were the jackets and the sweaters.  Something about people strolling in jackets always made me smile.  I think I like that sort of mellow atmosphere.  The one that seems to say, “It’s cold, but life goes on.”  The annual Italian festival didn’t exactly convey that, but it served as a reminder.

Look at it this way.  During the summer, people are free to run, but when the cold starts to creep in, people tend to slow down.  Those who don’t completely stop grab their jackets and brave the cold to go on with their lives.

Anyway, after eating the ice cream, my stomach didn’t act up.  Seems like good news.

And yes, we’re that cheap.


4 Responses to “Festival Season”

  1. Kelly Denise Says:

    Eating dairy with other foods doesn’t have that much of an effect than eating dairy alone.

    Fun fact of the day.

  2. Are you sure you are lactose-intolerant?

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