Swimming in the Fall



Last night, I submitted this application that I’ve been working on for the past two weeks for quite a generous scholarship.  Unfortunately, a few days ago, because of my parents’ moderate income, the online application told me that my chances of getting the scholarship are slim, so I’m like, “Why do I find out about this now?”  Nevertheless, I completed it.

Anyway, now that that burden is off my shoulders, I felt a little daring today and decided not to go home after school.  Better watch out, guys.  You don’t want to be found with me.

Ok, ok.  Seriously, even though I had two tests the following day, I told myself, “You haven’t hung out with some of your friends for a long time.  Screw school, and go with them.”  So I did.

The best part must have been playing mahjong.  We went to my friend’s house.   We were planning to sing some karaoke (so cool, I know), but my friend’s brother was playing some video games with a friend.  In the back of the room, I found a mahjong set.  I’ve always wondered how it was played, and after my friends taught us how to play, we all got into it.

I got home pretty late and ended up barely studying.


One Response to “Swimming in the Fall”

  1. I’m sorry about the scholarship…don’t give up though. What is it? You have to live in a cardboard box in order to qualify for the scholarship? See what else is out there, you can do it!

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