First field trip of the year—a genetics lecture in Newark Academy.  My entire AP Biology class went (except for one).

It was definitely interesting, but don’t worry.  I’m not going to give a summary of the four-hour lecture.  (No <loser> tags today)

That’s because I was falling asleep half the time.  As usual, I barely had enough sleep last night.  Eventually, the lecture got boring as well, and it became a challenge to keep my eyes open.  I would tell myself, “If you sleep for a few minutes, you’ll be energized for the rest of the lecture.”  So, I did.  Didn’t work.

Afterwards, the entire class (plus the bus driver) went to Olive Garden and had lunch.  Pretty cool for a field trip, eh?

Ah, high school.  Those bus rides to field trips will definitely be one of the things that I’ll miss about high school.  Those trademark maroon seats of our school buses.  The view of drivers from above.  The way you make faces at drivers because they can’t see you.   Standing up even if the driver and the teacher tell you not to.  Fooling around with your friends.  Or just looking out through the window while everyone is fooling around, staring outside at everything as they zoom past you.

It’ll be a fun senior year.


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