Far from a Fairytale



Once upon a time, a brother and a sister were playing tennis.  The brother, so engrossed in the game, was caught off-guard when his sister suddenly gasped.  Her gaze seemed to be set on something beyond the confines of the tennis courts.

“What the heck?” the brother said, furling his eyebrows at his sister, whose eyes were wide open in awe or shock.  Whatever it was, the brother turned around.

What he saw amazed him.  Behind him were huge boulders in a magical forest.  Beyond the boulders, a carriage drawn by a magnificent white horse was traveling on the forest terrain.  On the carriage sat two beautiful maidens.  Seemingly on their way to a ball, they elegantly giggled at everything they saw, as if fascinated by the simple things in life.  In fact, they seemed ready to burst into song and dan—

Ok, there really weren’t boulders when the brother turned around.  Just a bunch of a cars on a beat up parking lot, located behind the high school.  The bland-looking high school.  But there really was a horse-drawn carriage, but it was carrying two old women.

There was a Columbus Day Parade in my town today (What do you expect? Many of my town’s residents are Italian.), so I guess some group used the horse for some reason.

Happy birthday, Michael!  We couldn’t celebrate your birthday today, but you’ll have fun tomorrow.


One Response to “Far from a Fairytale”

  1. mrvangeldren Says:

    pessimistic i am.

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