Confident Connection

Oct 18


You’ll see.

Party at the house!  More like a gathering.  I…don’t really party.  *boring*

Just a family party.  My dad’s been doing a lot of home improvement, and my parents thought it was the perfect time to show the extended family our house after several years.  Yes, years.

I had English work to do, so I couldn’t really mingle with them the entire time.  I felt bad, but the times that I was with them, I felt this new connection with my aunt.  As opposed to before when I would just be another body to feed at a party, I was actually talking to some people.  Making jokes and stuff.  You know, not just, yes or no responses to questions like “So, do you have a girlfriend now?  Are you doing good in school?”

Well…that’s the case with the adults.  I’m not really sure about my cousins (who didn’t go because they live far).  For the most part, we’ve always been very distant from each other.  They’re my next goal, I guess.


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