Greatest Common Factor



I present to you Lawrence’s car.

After school today, I discovered that Lawrence’s car broke down in front of my house.

We often tease Lawrence about how old his car is.  Although it has stood the test of time and has proven itself formidable through all the rides we’ve taken, I’ve always half-expected it to break down eventually.  It happened today.  The car is useless.

That’s when I realized how Lawrence’s car is so…important.  It seems as if nothing can be done without it.  Despite its not-so-attractive exterior, its faulty technology, and its excessively loud engine, it really has served its purpose.

For it to be taken away is torture.  I sat at home, wanting to play tennis.  But because there was no car, I thought it was impossible to play tennis.

Completely forgot about my legs.

On the other hand, because I didn’t go out to play tennis, I was able to concentrate on reading Oedipus Rex for English.


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