A Public Affair



I have to admit that Jessica Simpson came to mind while thinking of a title.

Connie Francis, the artist behind the songs “Stupid Cupid” and “Who’s Sorry Now?”, graduated from my high school many decades ago.  Class of 1955.  She returned today because our school auditorium was recently dedicated to her.  There was also an entire assembly dedicated to her, in which details of her life and career were repeatedly told.

Her success is definitely impressive.  The fact that she was an international star and that she sold billions of records or something was mentioned so much during the assembly that one would be remiss to not remember it.  I’m proud that stars were born from my high school, even if the high school probably did not contribute anything to their advancement. Either way, I’m glad.  Just wish I didn’ t have to listen to school officials kiss up to Connie by hailing her in every way possible.  That was just annoying.

Afterwards, Connie came out of the auditorium to the unveiling of the front of our theater.    The hallway in front of the entrance is not very wide, yet there were many people eager to meet her.  Naturally, many of them were adults who wanted to get pictures and autographs, but I decided to join in.  I never once expected that the school would encounter crowds of people who were there to see a star.  It was like a red carpet affair.  Flashes, mics, indistinct conversations.  There was even one picture I took in which a person was brandishing a pair of scissors.  It was very busy.  Really cool too.

I wonder what would happen if My Chemical Romance decides to come back one day.  I wonder if they want to.


One Response to “A Public Affair”

  1. Gerard Way said he hated Belleville High School. If he ever decides to make contact with anyone from the high school, it would probably be with a rebellious Do-what-you-want-and-fuck-the-system type of message. At least, that’s what I would convey if I were he.

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