What I Should Do



Weekends are becoming terrible times for photography because I tend to stay home. (Well, it was raining today.)  There are only so many things I can take pictures of at home, and they all tend to be boring and ugly.

Anyway, I started college apps.  I pretty much finished all the personal information for the Common Application.  I looked at some of the essays, and the gravity of my situation just slapped me in the face.  Some of these essays were nasty.  Yes, nasty.  These next few weeks are going to be hell.

I then decided to start studying for the SAT Reasoning Test, which is in two weeks.  It’s my second time, and I really want to get an excellent grade.   Not an excellent grade by my school’s standards, but an excellent grade by…a better standard. A college’s standards.  Colleges that I want to apply to.  Yep.  There you go.

My focused study session was then interrupted by the sudden arrival of some guys.  Michael, Lawrence, and Sean, whom people frequently find together these days.  Well, plus me.   Four of us.  We hang out so much these days that it gets annoying.  Haha.  No offense to anyone.  I’ll never get any work done if people keep disturbing me.  Not that I get that much done without people visiting me… But, like I told Michael, there’s no chance of getting anything done if people are over! At least, when I’m alone, there’s a better chance, however small.

Anyway, we all watched Quarantine.  People are forcibly secluded inside an apartment building, in which outbreaks of some extreme form of rabies were rampant in the tenants.  A lot of running, biting, and mashing.

So, yep.  Quarantine.  I should do that so that I can finally get to doing some work.  Except, you know, I don’t want rabies-infected cannibals with me.


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    I said sorry.

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