I Miss It; I Miss It Not

Oct 27


I guess the remarkable event today was the brownout.  I was at an event in the school auditorium around 8:00 pm, taking care of the tech stuff with some other students when I heard from someone that the power was out.  Indeed, the streetlights were off, creating quite an eerie atmosphere and a creepy feeling for a driver who has to drive a couple of people home.  Talk about Halloween.

However, I thought it was cool.  Back in the Philippines, brownouts were frequent and bothersome because it was hot.  On the other hand, they’re quite rare in the U.S., and I sort of miss them.  When they do come, it’s exciting for me.  They’re short breaks from the monotony of a convenient life. I hate monotony.

Look at me.  Complaining about a nice life.

It’s also worth noting that only certain areas of my town were affected.  This was evident in the fact that the house right behind us had electricity.  If the power outage lasted longer (rather than a mere hour), the existence of that adjacent house would have been pure mockery.


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