It’s Coming…

Nov 3


Day-off today.  SATs on Saturday.  Barnes and Noble in the morning today to study.

My friends and I then caught some employees of the complex putting up Christmas (or holiday) decorations.  That was pleasant.  Right after Halloween.  They’re quick.

Later that day, I hung out with Michael and some underclassmen.  Ah, that word sounds so negative.  But they’re all cool.  So, they’re all just friends.  Yep. Friends—not underclassmen.

For some reason, just hanging out has been very unfulfilling lately.  It feels like underneath the seemingly happy demeanors and lighthearted moods of everyone lies something a bit dreary.  So, I just feel like hanging out, to just relax, chill, and feel happy, loses its purpose when people aren’t feeling that way.  Maybe that’s only me.  I’m the one who’s just feeling a bit down I guess.


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