A Few Random Thoughts


  • The grass is always freaking greener on the other side.  I never knew what it meant when Macy Gray sang about it, but I often refer to this when I think about my life right now.
  • Avoiding drama would be so easy if you aren’t part of the cause of it.
  • Sometimes, things are fine just the way they are.  There’s no need to take a risk, hoping to make things better when there’s a greater chance it’s not.
  • I hate feeling unwanted by the people I care about.  I hate approaching people, thinking that I’d be of help, when in reality people just want to be alone.  Even if people are being stubborn about it, looking like they don’t want help when they’re desperately waiting for you to ask, I just don’t want to try.  The last thing I want to hear is, “I’m sorry, but I really don’t want to talk to you right now.”

Anyway, some of my friends and I went to UNO’s today to support the senior class’ “Project Graduation.”  20% of our bill goes to the funds for the project.

I still don’t know what I want.


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