Bad Habit


Some people bite their nails while others may scratch their arms.  Whatever bad habits people may have, they’re most probably, well, bad.

For me, it’s probably saying that I’m going to do something and ending up not doing it.  It’s not hypocrisy.  It’s more like I tell a person that I’ll do him or her a favor and end up either forgetting about it or just being swamped with other work that I’m forced to abandon it.

Today, the full effects of this bad habit were revealed to me.   Friday night, my friend Jann asked me if I were going to tonight’s dance competition, in which her dance group was going to dance.   Being only mildly interested in watching so many groups dance, I was leaning towards not going.  But my sister suddenly says that she wants to go, so in the end, I tell Jann that I’m going with my two sisters.

Fast forward to Sunday afternoon.  I realize that I have a lot of homework to do, and there was a friend that I really wanted to hang out with.  The dance competition was going to take a big chunk out of my doing homework time and hanging out time.

Because it was such an inconvenience, I contemplated telling Jann that I couldn’t make it.  I would save money for the entrance fee and the time it takes to drive back-and-forth and the show itself.   But, I told myself, “You already told her you were going.  You can’t.   You have to go.”  (Besides, she would’ve killed me.)

I don’t know what part of that reasoning truly convinced me, but I definitely realized that if I wanted to truly break the habit, then I should experience the consequences of staying with it.   Even if I had to stay up to finish a Calculus take-home test and study for a Biology test.  Yep.

I should probably talk about the competition itself, huh?  Project D won.


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