What a Hassle


Immigration affairs probably tie with driver’s license affairs in terms of their ability to cause irritation.

I had to skip school today and go to Hoboken with my dad to get a medical exam.  Apparently, the clinic we went to specializes in the specific exam that I needed (one that the Bureau of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) required).  I don’t know.  But I waited in line for a long time, enduring the piercing cries of babies and toddlers in the waiting room.  I didn’t bring earphones because I didn’t think I needed them, so I proceeded to hum and sing to myself to prevent myself from getting annoyed.  The live version of “Poker Face” by Lady Gaga.  Very fun to sing.

When it was finally our turn, the nurse merely took my temperature and blood pressure, and the doctor just looked at the back of my mouth and pressed his stethoscope on my chest and back.  Oh, and I got a skin test for tuberculosis.   So, I pretty much skipped school today to sit down, get my arm squeezed, open my mouth, breathe, and get my arm pricked while at least ten toddlers outside where crying.

Afterwards, we stayed in Hoboken and ate Italian food.  What a beautiful town.

Then, I had to get blood taken in another building to be analyzed, as part of the medical exam for the USCIS.

After that, I was tired.  On the way to Jersey City to get my Social Security Number (I’m a legal immigrant, I swear!), I fell asleep, and when I woke up, I found myself facing some stranger who had his arm on my open window.  He left right before I became full conscious, but in my head, it was like, “What.  the.  heck?”

The line for Social Security Number affairs was very long.  Sitting in that building really did it for me.  I didn’t want to hum anymore, and I couldn’t open the magazine that I brought to read.  I sat there with the surliest mood.  I wanted to get back home so badly.

After everything was done, I couldn’t fall back asleep.  When we arrived home, instead of going home to rest, I went out with the car and hung out with a friend.  Nice ending to a sour day.  Still, I didn’t have school, so I shouldn’t be complaining.


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