An Asian Thanksgiving


My parents, immigrants from the Philippines, never really celebrated Thanksgiving, nor did they really try to assimilate completely into this American tradition.  We were invited a few times to some parties in the past few years, and those were probably the closest my family has been to celebrating Thanksgiving.   In those times we spent the holiday independently, effort was not very high.  Don’t get me wrong.  My parents would prepare food, but it never included the traditional meals.

So, anyway, as a student who’s trying to make the most out of his senior year, I decided to go to New York City today with a few friends to see the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.  We “planned” it just yesterday, and a few were eager to go, so why not?  We had to wake up early, despite the day-off, and found our way to the city.

The streets were crowded, and there were so many blockades that it was difficult to navigate around the streets.  We also arrived late due to some poor planning.  The parade started at 9 am, and we didn’t know that people started to gather before 7 am, so when we arrived at around 9:40, we didn’t get very good spots. In fact, we walked from street to street, hoping to find the best spot in the entire route of the parade.

In the end, it was a satisfactory experience.  It wasn’t overwhelming because we didn’t get to see the performers, just the really cool floats.   Maybe next year, we’ll get up mega early and get to the spots that are shown on TV.

It’s also my dad’s birthday today, and this truly was the focus of the little celebration we had, not Thanksgiving.  I’m not just saying this; my mom said it.   It was a modest family gathering with my sisters and parents.

Then, when everything was done, my sisters and I swore to have real Thanksgiving feasts when we move out.


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