I Hate Shopping


Black Friday!  Despite my interest in waking up mega early to experience waiting and rushing with other shoppers into the store, I pretty much gave up on the idea.

Instead, after a short stop at the doctor’s for a follow-up on a test that was given to me on Tuesday, we went to the mall around noon.

That was a huge hassle.  I’m really not a shopper.  I “shop” for the sake of getting new stuff, not for the sake of shopping.  So, browsing around is not really my thing.

The other thing was that going to the mall by yourself is really boring, which is essentially what happens when I’m with my family.  My parents go around by themselves while my two sisters pair up and do whatever sisters do.  Therefore, I’m left by myself to wander around and see all these little groups of friends enjoying themselves.

I really only came with my family because I didn’t have money.  If I had my own income, I would’ve surely went with a friend.


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