Dumbest Idea Ever


Oh snap!

If you can still remember from my post back in the first week of school, I have a law class.  My teacher organizes mock trials throughout the year.  At first, I was pretty nervous about it.  I remember watching a mock trial once two years ago in school, and I thought to myself, “Yea, there’s no way I can act like an attorney like that guy.”

Who knew that I’d find myself in this class?  Who knew that I’d be participating in a huge mock trial, acting as the lead attorney?  I didn’t, but mock trial was the highlight of my day.  My law teacher and a U.S. History teacher worked together to organize a trial that involved the soldiers who were in the Boston Massacre.  After several weeks since the announcement of the project, we finally had the trial today.

Long story short, I really had a great time, except in the beginning.  Since I was in the defense team, the first time I had to get up was to cross-examine one of the witnesses.  (It’s all right if you don’t know what I’m talking about.  Just take my word for it.)  I didn’t prepare questions for this one witness, so I went up there nervous as ever.  I fumbled and paused for a long time.  It was pretty embarrassing.

Anyway, long story short (for real now), it was an amazing experience.  After that one mistake, I was barely nervous for the subsequent examinations.  I guess people do change, huh?

The Tree Lighting Ceremony at Rockefeller Center in New York was also scheduled for today.  My friends and I really wanted to see it, but due to some unfortunate circumstances, we had to cancel the plan.  Sigh.  It definitely would have been nice, but right after school, I had a doctor’s appointment for which I had to wait about two hours, just to get results from some tests last week.  It was also going to rain in New York City, and we had some intense homework that night.  So, after some deliberation, I decided, “This is a bad idea.”

So, I present to you our modest Christmas tree at home.


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