“I’m Gonna Live Forever!”


Audition day!  Didn’t care too much about it, so I really didn’t freak out the entire day, like the years back.  I truly wasn’t worried about how I’d do in the auditions as much as I worried about whether I should even do the play or not.  (See previous post.)  But, I realized, I can make that decision later.  For now, I should still keep both options available.

So, yes, the auditions.  I entered that auditorium, ready. Ready to sing the song that I barely practiced.  Ready to learn that choreography I’ve never seen before.  Ready to give my best to something I didn’t care too much about anymore.

But, suddenly, I experienced a change of heart.  As I was on stage, fumbling on the choreography that was being taught, I remembered all the fun that I had for the past three years that was intertwined with the misery and the exhaustion.  Yes, the fun.  I remembered why I even joined the play in the first place back in eighth grade.  The thrill of performing and learning these dances and these songs was pretty freaking fantastic.  (And I was also after some extra credit from my eighth grade Reading teacher who was the director, but that’s another story.)

So I instantly became excited, telling myself, “Why do I need to give up the play for tennis?  I should just do both.   I’ll find out the solution to my problem later.”

Anyway, with that new mentality, I went up on stage and sang, truly hoping that I would get a good role.  Because it was an open audition, meaning the others were sitting in the audience, I was pretty nervous.  For the most part, I had my eyes on the music sheet with the lyrics, glancing at the  judges for half a second from time to time.  Afterwards, my friends said I did really well.  I just wish I had the courage and the confidence to just perform.  Not just sing.  Perform.

Then, there was the dancing.  Yea, I totally messed up.  Barely knew the choreography.   But I think I rocked the freestyle section.  *crump crump*

Then, after everything was done, I was one of the people who were called to read.  So, here’s the thing.  I decided I wanted to be a character named Schlomo, the only baritone in the play.  (Every other male part was a tenor).  So I thought, “I want to get Schlomo!”  In addition, he has a love interest with this girl named Carmen, and I thought this girl who was going to go for Carmen was really cute and fun.  I thought it’d be really fun to do the play with her if she got her part.

In the end, I really am pretty excited for the play.  Let’s go!

P.S.  It’s birthday season!  Best month ever.


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