Easy Livin’


If days-off from school had no consequences, I probably would have been out once every week.  But no.  I’m a responsible student who has to weigh the pros and the cons of missing a day of school before making a decision.

So, after much deliberation, I decided that today was the perfect day to miss my classes.  In school, there weren’t many important things going on.  At home, I had a major book to finish reading for English, and I had some college essays to start and complete.  Besides, I’ve been so stressed lately that I just needed this break.  So, I figured, “Skip it is!”

I definitely should do this more often.  I actually got to complete what I needed to do while taking in the morning sun.  It’s bliss.


One Response to “Easy Livin’”

  1. great blog, I’m so happy I stumbled onto it through yahoo, onna have to add another one to the morning routine 🙂

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