Polaris, Take Me Away


I was walking home from a friend’s house tonight when I noticed how clear the sky was.  These days, the weather is quite gloomy, and the sky cloudy, so imagine how much I marveled at the sky when I saw so many stars looking at me.

Now I’m not going to try to be poetic or philosophical with this post, but I just want to express once again that I love seeing stars.  I love them so much that I was freaking out inside and outside when I noticed more than a dozen stars present.  My head was turning, and I probably had a wide smile on.

Then, suddenly, while my head was turning and my eyes were scouring the sky for stars, I saw a short green streak shoot across the sky.  ‘Twas a meteor.  It wasn’t a quick flash behind a blanket of clouds like last time.  It was green, and I could clearly see its path in that half a second that I saw it.

Ah!  I was so happy.  It was just so random. Did not expect a meteor at all.

Afterwards, I became so excited that I had my head held up high, waiting for another one to come, the entire walk home.  Alas, none did.

Just goes to show that…um.  You find things you don’t look for.  Something like that.


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