“I Don’t Feel Any Older”


I really don’t feel any older.

Yea, it’s my eighteenth birthday.  It’s supposed to feel awesome or something because I can now apparently do so much more in my life.  Buy this.  Go here.  Sign up for that.

Well, it doesn’t really feel that way.  I didn’t think today was anything special except for the dozens of people in school who randomly greeted me.  That was kinda nice.  And I have to admit that I felt pretty happy when some of my friends started singing during lunch, and other people in the cafeteria just joined in.

It’s funny how I felt happiness from strangers.

The underclassmen are so cute, by the way.  They’re not loaded, so they just made me some cute things for my birthday.  Yea, this would’ve been a nice “Show-and-Tell” post, but, given that it’s my birthday, it’s better that I speak from the heart.  Not stage anything.

Here’s what’s on the picture:

  • Kim made me this huge card, and I used the back of it as the flowery backdrop.
  • Elisa gave me this small bag with a few things.  The open card, the box with ribbons, and the Ferrero Rocher are from her.
  • Sarah got me the little character in the center.  It’s a card too.
  • Pooja got me the box of Reese’s Pieces that’s under the Ferrero Rocher.

Ah, you underclassmen.  Thanks!

Afterwards, my family went out to eat dinner with me.  College came up, and…the day didn’t end well, to say the least.


One Response to ““I Don’t Feel Any Older””

  1. underclassmen!? xD i feel so downgraded.
    i kid i kid 🙂
    sorry i couldn’t get you a real present!
    but happy birthday anyway n_n

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